This contest had the contestants go out and hunt snowmen!  It was inspired by the goings on in this comic.

The Top 3 Winners (in no particular order):

Sandy D of the webcomic Crowbar Benson

Jande R of the webcomic Eccentric Orbits

Rik S of the blog House of the Orange Monkey

Honorable Mention

Crazy Chucky of Crazy Chucky’s Deviant Art Page

Other Awards

Best Stomping: Drew B

Best Headache: Stephan B

Best Shakespearean Eye-Gouge: Becky T

Goriest Hunt: Christie C

Best Capture of Free-Range Snowmen: Kermit M

…and on that melting note, we say goodbye to this contest and look onward to the next.  Thanks for your contributions to the cause!