So I got a bunch of questions about the guest strip run so I thought I’d give a rundown:

What size/format should they be?

They should be no more than 960 px wide, 72-to-125 dpi. They can be as tall as needed.

When will the guest strips run?

Starting within the next couple weeks. Let’s say around March 6th or so. Since they’ll probably run for a couple weeks, later submissions will be possible if needed.

Does it have to be following the current storyline?

Nope! It can be a fanfic part of an old storyline, the current one, or something completely different. Your choice! SEE HERE for past examples. If you’re a regular reader, you know the taste requirements: PG-13 with morbid humor welcome, but no NSFW language, NSFW artwork, or offensive topics.

Do I have to have a webcomic or site of my own?

Nope, but I’ll link to yours if you do have one.

Do you need to review/approve it first?

I realize you may not want to put hours into drawing a comic that won’t get featured, so if you aren’t sure about your idea, or have several you want to run by me, go ahead and send me an e-mail and we’ll talk it out. Or you can send me a rough sketch, etc. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

Will mine be featured?

This is the only thing I hate about all contests I do and why I’m reluctant to do them, whether for guest strips or otherwise: picking the winners (and thereby indirectly picking those who don’t win).

While I plan on doing just a couple or few weeks of updates, twice a week or 3x a week depending on volume, all art will be featured at least in the bloggy area underneath the comic (where you’re currently reading this). Those that I select which are the most “Edmund-esque” will be featured in the comic area. So, even if yours might not be front-and-center in the comic area, it will still get displayed in the blog.¬†After the guest strip run, all featured in the comic area will be moved to the Guest Art section.

I’ll add more if more questions come in. Thanks!