Hey!  As mentioned before, there are trillions of people who have never heard of Edmund Finney who might like to hear of him.  StumbleUpon is a great way for people to find new comics, so I’m adding “Stumble” buttons to every comic, like this:

PleaseHow about you click on it and try it out?  This one leads to a fan favorite, “Grim News.”  I’ll be adding the button to comics for the next week or so, and should be done with all of them by next Friday.  You’ll need to have a StumbleUpon account, and you just press the “thumbs up” button in the upper left, and it recommends whatever comic you’re on to other stumblers!  The more Edmund Finney’s Quest grows, the more I can do with it, so if you like what you see on this site, encourage others to visit!  It will only get better from here.