Q:  Who is Edmund Finney?

A: A quiet and inquisitive man. Reading a few comics will acquaint you better with him.

If you have an hour or so and want to listen to a podcast interview where I answer lots of questions about art, inspirations, process, etc., listen to my TGT Webcomics Interview here!

Q:  Who are you and how long have you been doing comics?

A: Hm, well, see my bio on FMyLife.com for the first part, because I’m too lazy to write a bio right now, and for the second, I’ve done comics my whole life, most recently having been published in MAD Magazine several times (and still going).  Every now and then I’ll post strips of mine that were rejected by publishers in the Rejection Collection section.  I update with new Edmund comics regularly- Every Tuesday and Friday.

Q: Can I include your work on my site or print publication?

A: Absolutely!  Just send me an e-mail requesting permission and I’m sure it will be all good.  It’s not so much “requesting permission” as it is letting me know that you’re doing it.  Mostly I just like to know where it’s being printed so I can keep a record.  Obviously with any posting/printing, you’d need to keep the little copyright logo and URL under the comic.