Hey all, there’s a new wallpaper up, featuring the Snowman Hunter himself!  Grab it up whydontcha, and if there’s a monitor size that you have that’s not listed, send me an e-mail and I’ll make one for you quickly.

The Snowman Hunter

The Snowman Hunter

And now for the CONTEST! This does favor those of you living in snowy areas, but those of you in warmer climates can participate as well and maybe win!

Hunt a snowman yourself, and send me your triumphant photograph!

I’ll set a tentative contest end date to be Friday, February 12th, depending on how many entries I get.  Obviously it only snows every so often, so it’s hard to set an end date if it will only snow once or twice between now and then.

BUT, and this is where warmer climate folks com in, if you find a creative way to photograph yourself having conquered a snowman, even with no snow, go for it!

NOTE:  If using an actual snowman, also send a picture of the building process, so I know you weren’t a meanie knocking down somebody else’s snowman.  Not cool.  Figuratively not cool.

Prizes: The Top 3 most creative entries will receive a hand-drawn portrait and hand-written letter from The Snowman Hunter himself, congratulating you on your catch.  Also, a 8.5×11″ signed print of “Winter Magic.”

All other participants will still get goodies to be decided, perhaps 4×6” signed prints, artwork, magnets, et cetera.  Maybe a dragon!

Send your entries to EQComics -at- gmail dotcom, (<–encrypted to mask it from spambots, but you can figure it out) and whether or not you’d like me to post it on the site in a blog entry.

Happy hunting, you snowman hunting heroes.  Thank you for making this world a safer place, one frozen conquest at a time.