EDIT: Several stellar readers went on an all-out marathon and the transcribing is done! Special thanks to Janelle who cranked out more than 100 in just a day! Those who helped, keep an eye on your e-mail, I’ll be contacting you soon.

Original Post:

Hey everyone, this is wayyy long overdue, but I’m finally getting around to putting up a search box for Edmund Finney comics, so you can search for your favorite comics by keywords/phrases. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!

There is now a nifty little “Transcribe This Comic!” button below comics that have yet to be transcribed.

All you need to do is pick any random one, type out what’s happening (action, setting) and the dialogue (instructions are there when you click the button), and submit! I approve it, and that comic will be searchable!


I will create 6″ x 9″ original sketches of the EQComics character of your choice for the TOP 3 TRANSCRIBERS BY VOLUME by the end of December! Start your new year with customized art!

Now, to whoever else puts forth a good effort, I’ll have something in the way of prizes for you, too, but I can’t promise exactly what it will be because I honestly have no idea how many people will participate, and if eight hundred trillion people transcribe the comics, and I promised my pinky fingers to each of you, I’d be at least a six million fingers short (I’m bad at math), so you see what I mean. Thanks! Get transcribing!