Yo, fellow artists, it’s about time I take a short break, and about time for you to get a link to your work from my site! I’m going to run guest comics in January, which gives you a whole month to think of it and draw it, or three and a half weeks to procrastinate before thinking of and drawing it. I hope to have the first Edmund Finney comic collection in book form by then, but if I don’t have it done yet, that break will give me ample time to finish putting it together.

I post two comics per week, so even getting four will give me two weeks to finish up the book. If I am fortunate enough to get a lot of submissions, I’ll have to pick the most Edmund-Finney-esque and run those (since I can’t run guest comics for months, y’know?). I haven’t decided for how long I will run them if I were to get more than a few, probably three weeks max, and maybe thrice a week, we shall see. The hard part, like when I have reader contests, will be deciding which ones to post, so please don’t hate me if yours doesn’t get the front page, but I will post ALL comics in a new “Guest Art Gallery” page (to be linked in the menubar above the comic and in the sidebar down here), and they will also appear in blog posts during the guest comic run.


  • The comic should be 960 px wide, however tall you wish.
  • No sex, drugs, cussing, or toilet humor. Cannibalism Okay.
  • You can use old storylines, any characters you wish, or make up brand new ones. Does not need to follow the current timeline or story arc.

Also, if you have a comic and yours runs in the guest strip run, I’ll gladly do some fan art in return. Contact me if you have any questions!