Hey everyone!  Happy Tuesday!  Question about Twitter- is it annoying when people tweet too much?  I’m new enough to not know the etiquette.  I’m a quiet guy in general, so I don’t think people need to know when I’m doing something mundane like laughing at clowns on the street.  I wouldn’t even be laughing at clowns anyway.  I’d be cowered behind my front window with a shovel in my hands, wondering when the clowns are going to leave.  Then I’d think, “Hey, did I lock the front door?”  And I’d be in quite a predicament, because I wouldn’t know which is safer- assume I locked the front door, and keep my hidden-lookout position, or go to make sure the front door is locked and possibly have my cover blown.  In my nightmare, the clowns would see me, point, and screech like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and sprint in my direction.  Am I scared of clowns, you ask?  It depends on what kind.  The kind with needles for teeth?  yes.  The kind with regular teeth?  yes.  The kind that duck behind bushes when you turn around just fast enough to catch them out of the corner of your eye when walking down the street at night?  usually.