Hi!  This is why I’m afraid of heights- because you never know when somebody is going to drop you from them when you ask them to.  I know, I know, “Why do you ask them to?”  That’s not the point.  The point is that no matter how many times I look at the word “crocheted,” I never read it in my mind the way it’s supposed to be pronounced.  And sometimes it pulls me right out of the story, because I stumble over the word and lose my immersion in the text.  It’s like:

“Brian continued to kick pieces of mutton over his grandmother’s clown mask as she threw machetes in his general direction.  No matter how hard he kicked, his grandmother kept growing, growing, growing, until the entire world became one giant ball of grandmother, and the increasing mass started rolling toward the sun.  Brian pulled out his supplies and crocheted a cloth sun-shield as fast as he could-“

–and I think, “Augh!  I was so into this story and that stupid word pulled me out of it!  I always read it as ‘Crotch-it-ed’ instead of ‘Cro-shayed’!  This otherwise great story is ruined!”

All I’m saying is, much like when you’re in a hot-air balloon with Lord Werriam, choose your words carefully.  Just say “knitted” next time, and let me continue reading about Brian’s battle in peace.

Hey new people!  How about perusing a previous storyline?  May I suggest the Island CEOs?  This strip is not all pirates and hot-air balloons.  No, it makes much, much less sense than that.