Fun fact:  There is no atmosphere on the moon; therefore, no wind.  So, Neil Armstrong’s footprint is still sitting up there on the moon how he left it back in the ’60s.  It’s weird to me that they didn’t do a whole bunch of crazy stuff up there, knowing that whenever the next group of astronauts got there, their prints would still be there to greet them, even if 300 years later.

Even something as simple as drawing a message in the dust, like, “If you’re reading this, you’re stupid.”  Because then the astronauts reading it would be all, “Oh snap! Neil got us good!”

Unless the astronauts were from another country, and the insult from the Americans started an international incident.  Or worse, from another planet, thus dooming Earth in an intergalactic battle.  Good thing Neil and the gang didn’t have that kind of sense of humor.  Or did they?  Sleep well tonight.