I’m making site modifications! Sometimes I just experiment with colors and features, and continually update it, so if you’re clicking through the archives, you might get a different-looking page for each comic! Isn’t that exciting? No! Also, I forgot how to play “freeze tag.” I’d like to re-learn it, and start playing it with random people on the subway. But then I’d have to move somewhere that has subways, because they don’t have them here. So I’d have to pack everything up, get a new apartment in a new city, and make other friends who also want to play freeze tag randomly in subway stations with strangers. Geez, freeze tag is time-consuming and expensive. I don’t know how kids do it.

And hey, how about going to the archive, finding your favorite comic or two, and sharing them? Or just telling your friends? There are still trillions of people who have never heard of Edmund Finney, and I’d like to whittle that number down into the high billions, if possible. When you go to your favorite comic (or this one), there are handy “Share” buttons underneath them! Press them! But not the self-destruct one. I recommend the “Stumble” button, myself.