PleaseSo, this strip was actually the inspiration for Street Performer Junction, which (unlike most storylines) I thought of a while ago.  As I do often, I google-image-searched for a drawing reference.  I googled “Mime Dolls” in order to get a visual of what a mime-in-doll-form might look like, and lo and behold, what do I come across?  Click the image to the right to see.
Click to see (new window)

This makes me afraid to google other visual gags I’ve done. I’d rather not know if they’re already out there. But, I guess it’s just like the old saying goes, “One day you’ll draw a ventriloquist with a mime on his hand, and then look on the computer and see that somebody has crafted a sculpture of the same situation unbeknownst to you. Also a corndog will be thrown at you from outside if you leave your windows open.” My windows are closed. I’m not a risk-taker.

Oh, and thanks for the Stumbles!  Much appreciated.  Keep it up and good things will happen!