PleaseHey there are still some slots left for this batch of Original Art panels, so grab some if you like.

Also, are you a Facebook fan of EQComics yet?  Fans get sneak peeks to every comic, like the pre-ink sketches and other nifty things like that.  You should become one and suggest to your friends!  Also start using the word “nifty” more.

Wait, let me add a qualifier to that.  Don’t simply start using the word “nifty” all willy nilly in any situation that requires a description.  If you see an apartment building burning down and you’re an eyewitness on the news, don’t say “those tenants were running nifty!”  Because that’s an adverb.  It should be “Those tenants were running niftily.”

Time to debate on whether or not that’s a word…  GO!