Get this print from the EQComics store!THIS IS A SILENT COMIC STRIP hey it’s winter time and that means that the squirrels that I regularly guard against during my morning walks are less likely to fall onto my head.  It’s a short respite from my daily fear.  Sure, one day they’ll get me.  But not now.  Not in the wintertime.  Unless that’s what they want me to think.  They want me to let my guard down.  No.  I won’t.  I’ll carry cordless blender, set on liquify, atop my head.  Come on, squirrels, drop on down.  Let’s see what you’re made of.  Seriously we’ll see what you’re made of because the blender is set on liquify and you’ll be all inside out.  What, person reading this, you think that’s gross?  You eat Marshmallow Peeps, take your judgment elsewhere.  Preferably to some sort of pretentious art gallery where people will look at it and say, “Yeah, that’s a great piece of artwork,” and I’ll say “No, that’s just judgment, and it’s stupid,” and we’ll all have a laugh for a minute at the fact that we’re judging judgment.  You have something better to do with your Saturday?  Okay, pizza is better, you got me there.