UPDATE: To explain the blogspot site address, yes I did sign up for it a long time ago, and I drew this comic up yesterday, posted it, and went to modify the site to something funny, but couldn’t sign in.  It’s saying it’s sending the password reset to my gmail account, but I don’t think I signed up with a gmail account.  So, out of luck on this.  I might change the blogspot URL on the sign soon so come back!

Original Post:

I thought  would take this opportunity to tell you about a recurring nightmare I had as a kid: Elmo from Sesame Street.

Here’s the setup:  I’m cleaning a room overflowing with toys.  One by one I take the toys off the messy pile and put them away.  Soon I am at the last toy, at the bottom of the pile.  It’s Elmo, face down on the floor.  For some reason I feel anxious.  I don’t want to pick him up.  But I have to, because if i don’t, the room isn’t clean.  So I grab him and slowly turn him around to face me… and his wide-open eyes stare right into mine.  I can’t move, and I can’t scream.  Then I wake up.
That’s it.  I don’t know if that’s scarier, or the dream where the aliens who say “Yip yip yip.. uh huh, uh huh” appear in my room while I sleep.  In any case, Sesame Street did a lot of damage to my psychosis.  That is all.