The Q&A page has been rearranged to link to my Formspring account first and foremost.  Questions will be answered there, so read and/or ask, for answers to questions!

Also, there was a typographical error in my previous comic post regarding prints. They are $9.95, not $9.99, so you can take those four cents and throw them in a wishing well for four wishes, and wish for four more prints!  And then you’ll realize that you could have just kept your 995 pennies and thrown them ALL in the wishing well, to get hundreds of prints, and you’ll write me to ask me to refund your money in return for the print you purchased.  But I spray my prints with an irresistible candy coating that you won’t be able to resist licking upon opening the package, and I’m not going to take back a licked print, because that’s gross. I don’t want to lick it after it’s been through all that.