Hey thanks for stopping by, readers both old and new! There’s a newer and fancier comment area now, in case you want to talk about things in the comments, whether it be about this comic, global warming, or closet monsters.

Wait, no, not closet monsters. My closet door doesn’t shut all the way and I don’t want to be peeking out at the crack from under my covers in the coming nights, dreading the sight of an eye looking out.

But then, maybe the closet is his bed, and to him, I’m the bedroom monster, peeking out at him?

I think we all learned a valuable lesson today.

Hey and we’re almost at the funding goal for the Kickstarter for Book 2! The higher in funding we go, even past the goal, the more prizes people will get. All pledgers, that is. Extra goodies included for each new level of funds we reach; they will be announced as we go. So tell your friends!