Hey all, I figured with the hover button (the pop up when you hover over the comic or the ink pen to your left under the copyright piece the comic), I’d start to do something here and there that I haven’t done before: reference previous story arcs.

You see, I keep Edmund Finney’s Quest in gag-a-day format…that is, one does not need to have been following the story to “get” any single comic; a joke will never be dependent on the reader knowing who or what went on before the first panel of the comic in front of their eyes.

However, it is fun to have followed along with Edmund from the beginning, right? I figure the pop-up journal, being only a non-essential aside to the main feature (the comic), could be a great, harmless place to make “inside references” to the ongoing story without confusing somebody who hasn’t read everything up to that comic’s point.

So, there can be two types of fun in the hover journal; a joke some days, a reference to the past stories the other days. Those of you who have read Edmund’s Quest from the start might know why Edmund has a scar around the top of his left arm. Do you? Do you? Do you?

Happy Friday!