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Hello!  Look at the blurry trees!  It’s like Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life in 3-D!  Okay it’s not but I’m still trying new things out.  I imagine in  a year or so my art will be uniform and unwavering, but for now I’m enjoying messing around with colors, gradients, blurring effects, and anything else I can test-run while trying to define my style.  Perhaps my style will never rest easy and I’ll always be changing the way things look, who knows?  I’ll tell you who knows: Time travelers.

The thing I hate most about time travelers is when they come into your house and say things like, “Boy, it sure is warm out today.  Much warmer than on this day in 2027.”  You know the only reason they say that is to show off and flaunt their time traveling ability.  If I were less polite of a person I would call them out on it right then and there and shut them up.  But I am polite, so I don’t.  I’m also passive-aggressive, so what I do instead is vow to throw maple syrup and cotton candy on him on that day in 2027.  Now that I made that vow, I can assume I will follow through with it, and I say, “Boy, you sure are clean today.  Much less maple syrup and cotton candy on you than on this day in 2027.”  And he’d say “How did you KNOW?” and I just confused myself so I’ll stop typing now.