PleaseHey, so, you want to get a little glimpse into what keeps cartoonists up at night? Click Here for a semi-alternate punchline.  I had doubts about the clarity of the punchline (or punch-panel, if you will) at first.  Is it too subtle?  Is it just subtle enough?  Is it clear and obvious? These are the kinds of questions you ask yourself repeatedly as a cartoonist who just finished a new strip, and then answer, but then wake up at night thinking you made the wrong choice.  I decided the posted version is just subtle enough.  If you know what an outhouse is, you’d know that this would be a poor design for an obvious reason, but it should take just a sweet minute to register.  In the alternate strip that I considered, I think it’s redundant; just restating the implied joke.  Would you agree?  Oh, and don’t get me started on the internal debate of what the yell should be.  Should it be ‘aaugh’?  ‘gaah’? On and on.

On a non-related note, I would be highly disappointed if I met the man who invented ice cream sandwiches and he turned out to be a jerk.

In other news, some guest art of mine was posted on Joenis Norac’s site, “Unconscious Ink,” where every Tuesday and Thursday Joenis dishes up a new weird, funny, disturbing, and/or completely random piece of artwork- a concept that is right up my alley as I love things that are any mixture of those adjectives.  Take some time to browse his archives, won’t you?  Here’s the link to my guest piece.