I took my dog out for a walk yesterday morning, and the sky was overcast and I could only see a block down the street because of the fog.  The ground was wet, and it was chilly outside on October 1st.  Few things make me happier than that.  October is the most wonderful time of the year, and Halloween is the most wonderful holiday of all.  Though I wish there were two Halloween celebrations- one with the funny/clever costumes, and one with the scary costumes.  I vote for October 30th to be the funny night, where October 31st, actual Halloween, is the scary night.  If I walked into a Halloween party with all goblins and zombies and ghosts and ghouls, that would just be fantastic.  I realize that it’s fun to dress up in something random, but “sexy race car driver” just isn’t Halloween to me.

Yeah, pretty much every post until November will be Halloween-related.