Sometimes I wonder if each animal has its own god.  I mean, the god of snakes, who created all snakes, might be a snake.  The god of lemurs would be a lemur himself, who created and watches over all lemurs.  Further, I wonder whether these gods are all-powerful like the people-god, or if they have the characteristics of the animals themselves.  For example, if a dog needs help one day on Earth, stuck in a drainage ditch or something, does the dog god just chase after a tennis ball instead of helping?  Or the cow god- what does he do all day?  If a cow prayed to him, I think he’d just sit there chewing cud, which is pretty gross and not helpful at all.  Or is the cow-god intelligent like humans?  If so, I bet the main thing he thinks every day is, “Man, I shouldn’t have made those things so delicious.  Sorry guys.”