Hello!  So, thanks to everyone who has commented and/or e-mailed recently.  I definitely reply to all e-mails, and I try to reply to most comments when I can!  The feedback is much appreciated, and I’m glad you’re liking Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life.  Keep following along with him, won’t you?

I’m still working on more desktop wallpapers and other random things like a t-shirt design and a series of prints for anybody who’d fancy one or three.  You can frame them and use them to cover up the hole in your prison cell wall that you’re slowly digging for an eventual escape.

Want a preview of one of the prints?  Here is a snippet of one.

PreviewI’m working on a B&W sketch set and a color set for those who might prefer one or the other.  Edmund’s Quest isn’t heavy on color (for the most part), but it’s good to break into new ground for special occasions, no?